La publication des résultats issus de la recherche est une étape clef de la démarche scientifique. C’est elle qui va permettre de diffuser les connaissances nouvellement acquises à l’issue d’un projet de recherche clinique.

Ces connaissances doivent être accessibles :

aux autres chercheurs,

- pour qu’ils puissent confronter les résultats d’autres équipes aux leurs,

- pour confirmer ou infirmer les conclusions proposées,

- pour qu’ils puissent asseoir de nouveaux projets sur les connaissances les plus récentes et pertinentes possibles.

aux praticiens,

- pour qu’ils puissent s’approprier les avancées de la recherche dans leur domaine,

- pour qu’ils puissent les mettre en pratique, éventuellement en les inscrivant dans des recommandations de bonnes pratiques cliniques

- pour qu’ils puissent faire évoluer, en lien avec les autorités sanitaires, les modalités de prises en charge et de remboursement de ces innovations.

Vous trouverez sur cette page les publications scientifiques dans lesquelles ont été impliquées les équipes du CHR Metz-Thionville. Seules les publications relevant du périmètre SIGAPS sont listées. Les publications sont accessibles par année, et selon la spécialité de la revue concernée.

Le CHR Metz-Thionville dispose d’abonnements à différentes revues scientifiques :


Publications 2021
Publications 2019
  • Addiction

    - Why stopping smoking is difficult in patients suffering from schizophrenia? How better to take care of them ? Underner, M ; Perriot, J ; Peiffer, G ; Harika-Germaneau, G ; Jaafari, N, PMID 30680970


    -  Evaluating the management of anaphylaxis in emergency departments: a survey in two French regions. Lefèvre, S ; Klein, R ; De Blay, F ; Mertes, PM, PMID 30832469

    Biochimie / Radiologie, Médecine Nucléaire et Imagerie Médicale medecine nucleaire et imagerie médicale

    Source separation approach for the analysis of spatially resolved multiply excited autofluorescence spectra during optical clearing of  <i>ex vivo</i> skin. Rakotomanga, P ; Soussen, C ; Khairallah, G ; Amouroux, M ; Zaytsev, S ; Genina, E & al, PMID 31467786

    Biophysique/ Biologie

    -  Radiation-Induced Mitotic Catastrophe Enhanced by Gold Nanoparticles: Assessment with a Specific Automated Image Processing Workflow. Paquot, H ; Daouk, J ; Chateau, A ; Rétif, P ; Barberi-Heyob, M ; Pinela, S, PMID 31021734


     International longitudinal registry of patients with atrial fibrillation and treated with rivaroxaban: RIVaroxaban Evaluation in Real life setting (RIVER). Beyer-Westendorf, J ; Camm, AJ ; Fox, KAA ; Le Heuzey, JY ; Haas, S ; Turpie, AGG & al, PMID 31169831


    -  Exclusion of Intra-Atrial Thrombus Diagnosis Using D-Dimer Assay Before Catheter Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation. Milhem, A ; Ingrand, P ; Tréguer, F ; Cesari, O ; Da Costa, A ; Pavin, D & al, PMID 30784695


    Association of the PHACTR1/EDN1 Genetic Locus With Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection. Adlam, D ; Olson, TM ; Combaret, N ; Kovacic, JC ; Iismaa, SE ; Al-Hussaini, A & al, PMID 30621952

    Cardiologie / Radiologie, Médecine Nucléaire et Imagerie Médicale

    Compared vulnerabilities to small cardiac motions between different cameras used for myocardial perfusion imaging. Salvadori, J ; Petegnief, Y ; Sabbah, R ; Morel, O ; Boulahdour, H ; Karcher, G & al, PMID 29327252

    Chirurgie / Imagerie Cérébrale

    -  eTICI reperfusion: defining success in endovascular stroke therapy. Liebeskind, DS ; Bracard, S ; Guillemin, F ; Jahan, R ; Jovin, TG ; Majoie, CB & al, PMID 30194109

    Dentisterie et chirurgie orale

    Paracetamol Misuse and Dental Pain: Results from the French Observational DAntaLor Study. Pape, E ; Collin, C ; Camelot, F ; Javot, L ; Petitpain, N ; Puskarczyk, E & al, PMID 30703177


     [Characteristics of chronic wounds in substance abuse: A retrospective study of 58 patients]. Martin, H ; Bursztejn, AC ; Albuisson, E ; Leguern, A ; Mahe, E ; Villemur, B & al, PMID 31648848


    -  Effectiveness and safety of dupilumab for the treatment of atopic dermatitis in a real-life French multicenter adult cohort. Faiz, S ; Giovannelli, J ; Podevin, C ; Jachiet, M ; Bouaziz, JD ; Reguiai, Z & al, PMID 30825533


    -  [Self-inflicted lesions in the context of hidradenitis suppurativa: Pathomimicry]. Marzouki-Zerouali, A ; Schoeffler, A ; Liegeon, AL ; Le Vaou, P ; Truchetet, F, PMID 30361163


    -  Thymic localization of erythrodermic cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. Bonnet, P ; Battistella, M ; Bouaziz, JD ; Ram-Wolff, C ; Frumholtz, L ; Herms, F & al, PMID 30339741


    -  [Cutaneous metastases on the extremities]. Martin, H ; Mariano-Bourin, M ; Antunes, L ; Bonhomme, A ; Cuny, JF ; Dubouis, L & al, PMID 30314638

    Endocrinologie et métabolisme

    Understanding Patients'' Perspectives and Educational Needs by Type of Osteoporosis in Men and Women and People with Glucocorticosteroid-Induced Osteoporosis: A Qualitative Study to Improve Disease Management. Beauvais, C ; Poivret, D ; Lespessailles, E ; Thevenot, C ; Aubraye, D ; Euller Ziegler, L & al, PMID 31506706

    Génétique et hérédité / Oncologie

    -  Clinical and pathologic characteristics of breast cancer patients carrying the c.3481_3491del11 mutation. El Tannouri, R ; Albuisson, E ; Jonveaux, P ; Luporsi, E, PMID 29550896


    [Perineal risk and obstetrical protection: A survey with birth professionals]. Bertholdt, C ; Poujois, J ; Pouypoudat, L ; Gisbert, S ; Morel, O, PMID 31003014


    -  BAM conditioning before autologous transplantation for lymphoma: a study on behalf of the Francophone Society of Bone Marrow Transplantation and Cellular Therapy (SFGM-TC). Cornillon, J ; Daguenet, E ; Bay, JO ; Chauchet, A ; Salles, G ; Contentin, N & al, PMID 31111177


    -  A phase 2 study of rituximab, bendamustine, bortezomib and dexamethasone for first-line treatment of older patients with mantle cell lymphoma. Gressin, R ; Daguindau, N ; Tempescul, A ; Moreau, A ; Carras, S ; Tchernonog, E & al, PMID 30171024

    Hématologie / Oncologie

    -  Exome sequencing identifies germline variants in DIS3 in familial multiple myeloma. Pertesi, M ; Vallée, M ; Wei, X ; Revuelta, MV ; Galia, P ; Demangel, D & al, PMID 30967618


    -  Anti-PLA2R1 Antibodies Containing Sera Induce In Vitro Cytotoxicity Mediated by Complement Activation. Lateb, M ; Ouahmi, H ; Payré, C ; Brglez, V ; Zorzi, K ; Dolla, G & al, PMID 32083137


    -  Neutralizing Anti-Rituximab Antibodies and Relapse in Membranous Nephropathy Treated With Rituximab. Boyer-Suavet, S ; Andreani, M ; Lateb, M ; Savenkoff, B ; Brglez, V ; Benzaken, S & al, PMID 31998325


    Deletion of chr7p22 and chr15q11: Two Familial Cases of Immune Deficiency: Extending the Phenotype Toward Dysimmunity. Sloboda, N ; Sorlin, A ; Valduga, M ; Beri-Dexheimer, M ; Bilbault, C ; Fouyssac, F & al, PMID 31474980

    Immunologie / Allergologie

    -  Food-related anaphylaxis fatalities: Analysis of the Allergy Vigilance Network <sup>®</sup> database. Pouessel, G ; Beaudouin, E ; Tanno, LK ; Drouet, M ; Deschildre, A ; Labreuche, J & al, PMID 30636053


    -  Epidemiological Data on Anaphylaxis in French Emergency Departments. Corriger, J ; Beaudouin, E ; Rothmann, R ; Penven, E ; Haumonte, Q ; Thomas, H & al, PMID 30411700

    Laboratoire Médical

    How should we diagnose and treat blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm patients? Garnache-Ottou, F ; Vidal, C ; Biichlé, S ; Renosi, F ; Poret, E ; Pagadoy, M & al, PMID 31869411


    A novel machine learning-derived decision tree including uPA/PAI-1 for breast cancer care. Reix, N ; Lodi, M ; Jankowski, S ; Molière, S ; Luporsi, E ; Leblanc, S & al, PMID 30838840

    Laboratoire Médical / Recherche Médicale

    -  Accreditation of the toxicological screening: recommendations of the SFBC-SFTA group. Guitton, J ; Gaulier, JM ; Citterio-Quentin, A ; Abe, E ; Allibé, N ; Bartoli, M & al, PMID 30998200

    Maladies infectieuses

    Safety and efficacy of the combination simeprevir-sofosbuvir in HCV genotype 1- and 4-mono-infected patients from the French ANRS CO22 hepather cohort. Laurain, A ; Metivier, S ; Haour, G ; Larrey, D ; Dorival, C ; Hezode, C & al, PMID 30940090


    -  Efficacy and tolerability of a cocktail of bacteriophages to treat burn wounds infected by Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PhagoBurn): a randomised, controlled, double-blind phase 1/2 trial. Jault, P ; Leclerc, T ; Jennes, S ; Pirnay, JP ; Que, YA ; Resch, G & al, PMID 30292481

    Maladies infectieuses / Pharmacologie

    Discontinuation of antimicrobial therapy in adult neutropenic haematology patients: A prospective cohort. Van de Wyngaert, Z ; Berthon, C ; Debarri, H ; Bories, C ; Bonnet, S ; Nudel, M & al, PMID 30831232


    -  Stable prevalence of transmitted drug resistance mutations and increased circulation of non-B subtypes in antiretroviral-naive chronically HIV-infected patients in 2015/2016 in France. Assoumou, L ; Bocket, L ; Pallier, C ; Grude, M ; Ait-Namane, R ; Izopet, J & al, PMID 30753724

    Médecine Générale et Interne

    Assessment of uteroplacental vascularisation in early first-trimester pregnancy with contrast-enhanced ultrasound and 3D power Doppler angiography: protocol for a prospective, cross-sectional, multicentre and non-randomised open study (\"HOPE Study\"). Bertholdt, C ; Eszto, ML ; Tournier, M ; Hossu, G ; Mellouki, N ; Cherifi, A & al, PMID 31511289


    Angioedema associated with thrombolysis for ischemic stroke: analysis of a case-control study. Vigneron, C ; Lécluse, A ; Ronzière, T ; Bouillet, L ; Boccon-Gibod, I ; Gayet, S & al, PMID 31319000


    -  6 months versus 12 months of adjuvant trastuzumab in early breast cancer (PHARE): final analysis of a multicentre, open-label, phase 3 randomised trial. Pivot, X ; Romieu, G ; Debled, M ; Pierga, JY ; Kerbrat, P ; Bachelot, T & al, PMID 31178155


    - Intensity of care delivered by prehospital emergency medical service physicians to patients with deliberate self-poisoning: results from a 2-day cross-sectional study in France. Maignan, M ; Viglino, D ; Collomb Muret, R ; Vejux, N ; Wiel, E ; Jacquin, L & al, PMID 31104303


    -  Dabigatran for Prevention of Stroke after Embolic Stroke of Undetermined Source. Diener, HC ; Sacco, RL ; Easton, JD ; Granger, CB ; Bernstein, RA ; Uchiyama, S & al, PMID 31091372


    Global Burden Related to Nitrous Oxide Exposure in Medical and Recreational Settings: A Systematic Review and Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis. Oussalah, A ; Julien, M ; Levy, J ; Hajjar, O ; Franczak, C ; Stephan, C & al? PMID 31018613


    [Influence of post-traumatic stress disorder on asthma]. Underner, M ; Goutaudier, N ; Peiffer, G ; Perriot, J ; Harika-Germaneau, G ; Jaafari, N, PMID 31005500


    Diagnostic biologique des angioedèmes bradykiniques : les recommandations du CREAK. Bouillet, L ; Defendi, F ; Hardy, G ; Cesbron, JY ; Boccon-Gibod, I ; Deroux, A & al, PMID 30416009


    -  Immunization and multiple sclerosis: Recommendations from the French Multiple Sclerosis Society. Lebrun, C ; Vukusic, S, PMID 31036391


    - Penumbral imaging and functional outcome in patients with anterior circulation ischaemic stroke treated with endovascular thrombectomy versus medical therapy: a meta-analysis of individual patient-level data. Campbell, BCV ; Majoie, CBLM ; Albers, GW ; Menon, BK ; Yassi, N ; Sharma, G & al, PMID 30413385

    Neurologie / Oncologie

    A paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis from an anorectal small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma: a case report. Longo, R ; Wagner, M ; Savenkoff, B ; de Castaing, MC ; Desiro, G ; Tubail, Z & al, PMID 31783737


    Actionability of HER2-amplified circulating tumor cells in HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer: the CirCe T-DM1 trial. PMID 31727113


    Sustained Progression-Free Survival Benefit of Rituximab Maintenance in Patients With Follicular Lymphoma: Long-Term Results of the PRIMA Study. Bachy, E ; Seymour, JF ; Feugier, P ; Offner, F ; López-Guillermo, A ; Belada, D & al, PMID 31339826


    Carfilzomib Weekly plus Melphalan and Prednisone in Newly Diagnosed Transplant-Ineligible Multiple Myeloma (IFM 2012-03): A Phase I Trial. Leleu, X ; Fouquet, G ; Richez, V ; Guidez, S ; Duhamel, A ; Machuron, F & al, PMID 31053600


    Familial breast cancer and DNA repair genes: Insights into known and novel susceptibility genes from the GENESIS study, and implications for multigene panel testing. Girard, E ; Eon-Marchais, S ; Olaso, R ; Renault, AL ; Damiola, F ; Dondon, MG & al, PMID 30303537


    Secondary Corneal Myxoma After DMEK (Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty). Chaussard, D ; Frouin, E ; Francois, J ; Sot, M ; Paraschiv, EA ; Perone, JM, PMID 31511491


    A Case of Conjunctival Bee Sting Injury with Review of the Literature on Ocular Bee Stings. Semler-Collery, A ; Hayek, G ; Ramadier, S ; Perone, JM, PMID 31471535


    Does Preoperative or Postoperative Graft Thickness Influence Postoperative Visual Acuity in Descemet Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty for Advanced Pseudophakic Bullous Keratopathy? Perone, JM ; Rolland Le Moal, P ; Sot, M ; Bloch, F ; Maleki, A ; Goetz, C & al, PMID 31436644


    Bilateral acute iris transillumination (BAIT) syndrome: literature review. Perone, JM ; Chaussard, D ; Hayek, G, PMID 31239635


    Reconstruction of exenteration socket with Integra <sup>®</sup> dermal substitute and skin graft. Ameloot, F ; Mezzine, H ; Khairallah, G ; Hayek, G ; Zaidi, M ; Lhuillier, L & al, PMID 31208910


    Tobacco smoking in crosslinked keratoconus patients. Hayek, G ; Luc, MS ; Bloch, F ; Vermion, JC ; Lhuillier, L ; Zaidi, M & al, PMID 31204085


    Rupture of two radial keratotomy incisions 20 years later during clear corneal cataract surgery: A case report. Sot, M ; Da Costa, M ; Baudot, A ; Vermion, JC ; Chaussard, D ; Bloch, F & al, PMID 31200982


    Supracapsular phacoemulsification: Description of the \"Garde à vous\" technique and comparative clinical results. Perone, JM ; Goetz, C ; Zaidi, M ; Lhuillier, L, PMID 31097313


    Management of large central Descemet membrane detachment (DMD) after cataract surgery: Case report and literature review. Francois, J ; Vermion, JC ; Hayek, G ; Semler Collery, A ; Chaussard, D ; Bloch, F & al, PMID 31029471

    Orthopédie / Chirurgie

    -  Avascular necrosis of the capitate: case series of five patients and review of literature. Athlani, L ; Granero, J ; Dap, F ; Dautel, G, PMID 31142182

    Orthopédie / Rhumatologie

    Hyaluronan derivative HYMOVIS® increases cartilage volume and type ii collagen turnover in osteoarhritic knee: data from MOKHA study. Henrotin, Y ; Bannuru, R ; Malaise, M ; Ea, HK ; Confavreux, C ; Bentin, J & al, PMID 31215422


    Use of a navigation system in endonasal surgery: Impact on surgical strategy and surgeon satisfaction. A prospective multicenter study. Vicaut, E ; Bertrand, B ; Betton, JL ; Bizon, A ; Briche, D ; Castillo, L & al, PMID 31474545

    Oto-rhino-laryngologie / Recherche médicale

    - Respiratory Epithelial Adenomatoid Hamartoma is Frequent in Olfactory Cleft After Nasalization. Nguyen, DT ; Jankowski, R ; Bey, A ; Gauchotte, G ; Casse, JM ; Gondim Teixeira, PA & al, PMID 31487047


    Can anatomical assessment of hypopharyngolarynx in awake patients predict obstructive sleep apnea? Bolzer, A ; Toussaint, B ; Rumeau, C ; Gallet, P ; Jankowski, R ; Nguyen, DT, PMID 30720214


    Social representations of mandatory vaccination in patients and general practitioners in Moselle, France. Myotte-Duquet, P ; Charissou, A, PMID 31694781

    Pédiatrie / Allergologie / Immunologie

    Gaps in the management of food-induced anaphylaxis reactions at school. Pouessel, G ; Dumond, P ; Liabeuf, V ; Kase Tanno, L ; Deschildre, A ; Beaumont, P & al, PMID 31172595


    Pre-hospital management of paediatric anaphylaxis by French Emergency Medicine physicians: Still to be improved. Lejeune, S ; Deschildre, A ; Beaudouin, E ; Labreuche, J ; Meininger, C ; Lefort, H & al, PMID 31034111

    Pharmacologie-pharmacie / Recherche médicale

    -  Effect of fluid balance control in critically ill patients: Design of the stepped wedge trial POINCARE-2. Agrinier, N ; Monnier, A ; Argaud, L ; Bemer, M ; Virion, JM ; Alleyrat, C & al, PMID 31260794


    -  [From reducing tobacco consumption to stopping completely, what accompaniment?] Underner, M ; Perriot, J ; Peiffer, G, PMID 31870480


    -  [Asthma and cocaine use]. Underner, M ; Perriot, J ; Peiffer, G ; Jaafari, N, PMID 31201016

    Psychiatrie / Neurosciences 

    [Stopping and reducing smoking in patients with schizophrenia]. Underner, M ; Perriot, J ; Brousse, G ; de Chazeron, I ; Schmitt, A ; Peiffer, G & al, PMID 31153585


    - [Why stopping smoking is difficult in patients suffering from schizophrenia? How better to take care of them?] Underner, M ; Perriot, J ; Peiffer, G ; Harika-Germaneau, G ; Jaafari, N, PMID 30680970

    Radiologie, Médecine Nucléaire et  imagerie médicale/Cardiologie

    -  Left ventricular ejection fraction determined with the simulation of a very low-dose CZT-SPECT protocol and an additional count-calibration on planar radionuclide angiographic data. Tissot, H ; Roch, V ; Morel, O ; Veran, N ; Perrin, M ; Claudin, M & al, PMID 30815836


    Association between hydroxocobalamin administration and acute kidney injury after smoke inhalation: a multicenter retrospective study. Dépret, F ; Hoffmann, C ; Daoud, L ; Thieffry, C ; Monplaisir, L ; Creveaux, J & al, PMID 31870461


    Outcomes of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia hospital-acquired pneumonia in intensive care unit: a nationwide retrospective study. Guerci, P ; Bellut, H ; Mokhtari, M ; Gaudefroy, J ; Mongardon, N ; Charpentier, C & al, PMID 31752976


    Center effect in intubation risk in critically ill immunocompromised patients with acute hypoxemic respiratory failure. Dumas, G ; Demoule, A ; Mokart, D ; Lemiale, V ; Nseir, S ; Argaud, L & al, PMID 31492179


    Correction to: Hypoxemia in the ICU: prevalence, treatment, and outcome. PMID 30666519


    Disseminated intravascular coagulation in pneumococcemia. Gaci, R ; Cadoz, C ; Barraud, D ; Louis, G, PMID 30128587

    Recherche médicale

    The Artificial Kidney Initiation in Kidney Injury 2 (AKIKI2): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Gaudry, S ; Hajage, D ; Martin-Lefevre, L ; Louis, G ; Moschietto, S ; Titeca-Beauport, D & al, PMID 31843007


    Essential knowledge for patients with rheumatoid arthritis or spondyloarthritis: Results of a multicentric survey in France among health professionals and patients. Beauvais, C ; Rodère, M ; Pereira, B ; Legoupil, N ; Piperno, M ; Pallot Prades, B & al, PMID 31228620


    -  Performance of  <sup>18</sup>F-sodium fluoride positron emission tomography with computed tomography to assess inflammatory and structural sacroiliitis on magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography, respectively, in axial spondyloarthritis. Raynal, M ; Bouderraoui, F ; Ouichka, R ; Melchior, J ; Morel, O ; Blum, A & al, PMID 31088514


    -  Performance of 18F-sodium fluoride positron emission tomography with computed tomography to assess inflammatory and structural sacroiliitis on magnetic resonance imaging in axial spondyloarthritis. Ouichka, R ; Bouderraoui, F ; Raynal, M ; Melchior, J ; Morel, O ; Blum, A & al, PMID 30620270

    Santé publique et environnement

    -  Psychological and social determinants of physical activity from diagnosis to remission among French cancer patients (PERTINENCE): protocol for a mixed-method study. Van Hoye, A ; Omorou, Y ; Rotonda, C ; Gendarme, S ; Tarquinio, C ; Houtmann, B & al, PMID 31387577


    -  [Determinants of time required by medical information technicians for quality control of hospital activity coding, in French medico-administrative system]. Collonnaz, M ; Bethune, B ; Weisslinger, C ; Faulon, M ; Fiore, P ; Goetz, C, PMID 31196581

    Soins / Ethique

    An assessment of advance relatives approach for brain death organ donation. Michaut, C ; Baumann, A ; Gregoire, H ; Laviale, C ; Audibert, G ; Ducrocq, X, PMID 28643577

    Urologie et Néphrologie 

    [Renal hemosiderosis following mechanical hemolysis: An original case report]. Zettl, J ; Mirgaine, P ; Aymard, B ; Valla, M ; Rahmati, M ; Tubail, Z & al, PMID 30808555


    Do patients have to choose between ejaculation and miction? A systematic review about ejaculation preservation technics for benign prostatic obstruction surgical treatment.  Lebdai, S ; Chevrot, A ; Doizi, S ; Pradere, B ; Delongchamps, NB ; Benchikh, A & al, PMID 29967947


Publications 2018
  • Allergologie 

    Is a specific eyelid patch test series useful? Results of a French prospective study, Assier, H ; Tetart, F ; Avenel-Audran, M ; Barbaud, A ; Ferrier-le Bouëdec, MC ; Giordano-Labadie, F & al, Contact Dermatitis, PMID: 29882592.


    - Food-induced fatal anaphylaxis: From epidemiological data to general prevention strategies, Guillaume Pouessel, Paul J Turner, Margitta Worm, Victòria Cardona, Antoine Deschildre, Etienne Beaudouin, Jean-Marie Renaudin, Pascal Demoly, Luciana K Tanno, PMID 30288817


    - Early hypertension after vasopressor weaning during septic shock: associated factors and prognostic significance,Gaci, R ; Lemarie, J ; Conrad, M ; Cravoisy, A ; Bollaert, PE ; Gibot, S, Minerva Anestesiol, PMID: 28726362.

    Biochimie et Biologie moléculaire

    A decision tree for the genetic diagnosis of deficiency of adenosine deaminase 2 (DADA2): a French reference centres experience, Rama, M ; Duflos, C ; Melki, I ; Bessis, D ; Bonhomme, A ; Martin, H & al, Eur J Hum Genet, PMID: 29681619.

    Cancer du sein

    -  The Influence of Number and Timing of Pregnancies on Breast Cancer Risk for Women With  <i>BRCA1</i> or  <i>BRCA2</i> Mutations. Terry, MB ; Liao, Y ; Kast, K ; Antoniou, AC ; McDonald, JA ; Mooij, TM & al? PMID 30873510

    Cancer de la prostate

    - Anticancer Activity and Tolerance of Treatments Received Beyond Progression in Men Treated Upfront with Androgen Deprivation Therapy With or Without Docetaxel for Metastatic Castration-naïve Prostate Cancer in the GETUG-AFU 15 Phase 3 Trial. Lavaud, P ; Gravis, G ; Foulon, S ; Joly, F ; Oudard, S ; Priou, F & al, PMID 29074061

    Cancer du pancréa

    - FOLFIRINOX or Gemcitabine as Adjuvant Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer. Conroy, T ; Hammel, P ; Hebbar, M ; Ben Abdelghani, M ; Wei, AC ; Raoul, JL & al, PMID 30575490

    Cancer colorectal

    -  Overweight is associated to a better prognosis in metastatic colorectal cancer: A pooled analysis of FFCD trials. Aparicio, T ; Ducreux, M ; Faroux, R ; Barbier, E ; Manfredi, S ; Lecomte, T & al, PMID 29807237


    -  Post-Thrombolysis Recanalization in Stroke Referrals for Thrombectomy: Incidence, Predictors, and Prediction Scores. Seners, P ; Turc, G ; Naggara, O ; Henon, H ; Piotin, M ; Arquizan, C & al, PMID 30730694


    One-Year Survival After ST-Segment-Elevation Myocardial Infarction in Relation With Prehospital Administration of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy, Danchin, N ; Puymirat, E ; Cayla, G ; Cottin, Y ; Coste, P ; Gilard, M & al, Circ Cardiovasc Interv, PMID: 30354592.


    - Epinephrine Versus Norepinephrine for Cardiogenic Shock After Acute Myocardial Infarction, Levy, B ; Clere-Jehl, R ; Legras, A ; Morichau-Beauchant, T ; Leone, M ; Frederique, G & al, J Am Coll Cardiol, PMID: 29976291.


    Integrative Assessment of Congestion in Heart Failure Throughout the Patient Journey, Girerd, N ; Seronde, MF ; Coiro, S ; Chouihed, T ; Bilbault, P ; Braun, F & al, JACC Heart Fail, PMID: 29226815.


    Pupil dilation dynamics with an intracameral fixed combination of mydriatics and anesthetic during cataract surgery, Chiambaretta, F ; Pleyer, U ; Behndig, A ; Pisella, PJ ; Mertens, E ; Limao, A & al, J Cataract Refract Surg, PMID: 29703287.


    - Comorbidities of pyoderma gangrenosum: a retrospective multicentric analysis of 126 patients, M Gillard, D Anuset, H Maillard, P Senet, J F Cuny, E Mahe, C Sin, F Dessiner, E Goujon, J Journet-Tollhupp, C Debure, F Dabouz, T Develter, P Bernard, C Lok, P Modiano, Members of the Groupe d'Angiodermatologie de la SFD (the Angiodermatological Group of the French Society of Dermatology) , PMID 29453858

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